A little shop of oddities and wonder.

Portable Print Shop

Z+ offers printing on demand at conventions! Currently at home :( with the full suite of equipment. Up to 13x19" poster prints! Badges! On-demand memes! Keep calm and pony on.


Discord: ZizzyDizzyMC#1404

Telegram: ZizzyDizzyMC

Badge Printing

Z+ prints CR80 / ID sized badges for an affordable price. Choose your own artwork or use others artwork with express permission. Great for conventions or business. Very durable.

3D Printing As a Service

Printing on demand is now available! Small prints only, I currently ask for the cost of filament , cost of shipping + 35% for my time / printer wear and maintence.

Custom Electronics

Z+ does some custom microcontroller and electrical circuitry work. Arduino, ESP8266, BASIC Stamp are some controllers we're familiar with. Generally work is done with a combintation of build ready parts and custom additional circuitry.

VPS Hosting

It's in public beta now, but the control panel is still a mess. Contact me on discord or telegram to inquire.

Affordable Hosting

Z+ hosts websites and game servers in a managed or unmanaged way. Often providing hosting on a free or donation basis for certain fandom and community groups. This is honestly a hobby that's gone horribly right. I may not agree with you, but I'll stand up for your right to say whatever it is you just said.

Web Design

Does this website look nice to you? It does? Great, I don't actually do web design thats on you. It doesn't? Great, how may I be of service?